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Feis Chlobhair (Clover Festival) 2017  (11.11.2017)

Troop 37 Opened the 2017 Clover Scottish Festival called Feis Chlobhair. Traditional Scottish games and exhibitions were the fare of the day, along with the Troop 37 baked goods tent.

Troop 37 OA Help with GoldRush 2017 (10.28.17)

We were proud to have these young men helping local Cub Scouts at 2017 Goldrush Event.

Colin Williams meets the BSA Chief Scout Executive! Oct. 20th

        Gladiator Patrol Leader and Star Scout Colin Williams gets to meet BSA Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh! He received a very cool patch and medallion after sharing his views.


OA Fall Fellowship  Oct. 20-22

We had a great time at the Order of the Arrow Fall Fellowship. Walt Norment, Will Shearer, Cody Russell, Ben Wilson, & Ryan Morrison were present with leaders Rick Norment, Jeff Morrison, and Stephen Wilson. We got to eat some great food, have a Halloween party, and spent Saturday morning doing some conservation work on trails with erosion damage. Great job all!

We also had a pumpkin carving contest, which eerily predicted the fun Scoutmaster Stephen would have when a spider the size of your palm crawled out of his shirt at breakfast!



Troop 37 Merit Badge College

Troop 37 went to the Clemson University Merit Badge University. We had 11 scouts attend and they did a great job earning the Merit badges. Lunch was pizza and soft drinks. Pretty realistic dry run for college days!

 Scouts in attendance were Colin, Ben Wilson, Ben Ferguson, Damies, Ryan, Logan, Will, Simon, Walt, Cody and Adam. We re-fueled at a burger joint before heading back.